Here at Bavari we cherish traditional Bavarian & German costumes. Our shop was created to bring original Bavarian Dirndl and Lederhosen directly to your doorstep without falling in the trap of Halloween Costumes or endure time-consuming shipment.

We source our garments from independent Bavarian designers, all of whom create modern and stylish Bavarian attires, so you can shine bright like a true Bavarian! Although the traditional Bavarian costumes are a historical local garb the popularity grows stronger every season thanks to the Munich Oktoberfest and its many spin-offs like Erdinger Oktoberfest or London Oktoberfest. Chic Germans and Bavarians hold their Dirndl and leather trousers dear and even have outfits for every occasion, such as birthdays, stag dos and hen dos, weddings and of course the Oktoberfest.

Despite being a traditional costume, Dirndl and Lederhosen are stylish and modern outfits that show Zeitgeist by adapting fashion trends like colours, patterns, fabrics and shapes. Bavarian girls and boys know two truth about the traditional costumes – You can’t never have enough Dirndl and Leather trousers, and everyone looks sharp in it!

So, are you ready for your own alpine style? Have a look at our Dirndl and Lederhosen and choose your next fashionable Bavarian costume that impresses everyone!

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