Collection: URBAN - Bavarian street style & accessories

Everyone knows Oktoberfest and Germany is often associated with the Bavarian traditional costume like Dirndl or Lederhosen. However, in the South of Germany Tracht (traditional clothing) is more than just an old costume, we pull out every once in a while. "Tracht wird gelebt", which means the costumes are part of daily life. 

Bavarians are proud folks and they often like to dress in a way, that reflects their heritage. Modern costumes evolved into an urban mix of Tracht and Streetstyle. A contemporary Alpine Style or Country House Style, if you like. Mix and match our understated clothing with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers and off you pop to the next beer garden, Oktoberfest after-work party, stag-do or hen-do.

We offer modern Bavarian street style & accessories that show your love for the Bavarian Way of Life!