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UK Oktoberfest 2023 Style Guide: Do's & Don'ts

When it comes to dressing for Oktoberfest, authenticity is key. Here's a detailed guide, including do's and don'ts, on how to dress for the occasion:


Do's at an Oktoberfest Party

1. Choose Authentic Bavarian Attire:

Opt for genuine Bavarian clothing, such as Dirndls for women and Lederhosen for men. These outfits are steeped in tradition and will help you blend in seamlessly with the festivities.


2. Consider Traditional Colours:

Array of Bavarian Dirndl in traditional colours

Traditional Dirndls often feature earthy tones like green, red, or blue, and pastel colours while Lederhosen are typically in shades of brown or black. These colours are classic for Oktoberfest.

3. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Accessorize your attire with care. Women can add aprons, lace-up bodices, and delicate jewellery, while men can pair their Lederhosen with suspenders and a traditional Bavarian Gillet.

4. Embrace Quality Fabrics:

Look for clothing made from high-quality materials like cotton, silk, or wool and genuine leather. Authentic Bavarian attire is known for its durability and comfort.

5. Pay Attention to Detail:

Bavarian costume in green and red for men and women on display

Ensure your attire includes all essential elements. For Dirndl, this means a matching blouse and apron. Don't forget the importance of a well-fitted balconette or push-up bra to enhance your cleavage and neckline. Lederhosen should be paired with suspenders or a belt, and complete the look with white or cream wool socks and a linen or cotton shirt in traditional colours like cream, white, or classic patterns such as green, red, or blue.

6. Get the Right Fit:

Dirndl Length and Fit: Your Dirndl should always be an appropriate length, covering the knees. Traditional Dirndls commonly come in two lengths: Midi (above the knee) or Maxi (above the ankle). When it comes to the fit, it should embrace your body snugly on the bodice, without any excess material. The apron should neatly end at the seam of the Dirndl dress, neither longer nor shorter by more than two fingers' width.

Leather Trousers Fit: When purchasing leather trousers, avoid getting them too large, as the material naturally adjusts to your body shape and adapts over time. Much like a good pair of shoes, you'll want to wear them in for the perfect fit.

Bavari offers sizing guides to help you find the perfect fit for your Dirndl or Lederhosen.

7. Wear Comfortable Footwear:

Opt for comfortable shoes or boots suitable for walking and dancing. Traditional Haferlschuhe (Bavarian boots) and leather pumps with a block heel are an excellent choices. But a nice pair of leather trainers or Ballerina shoes are a good pick too.

8. Show Your Personality:

While tradition is important, don't be afraid to add your personal style to your Oktoberfest attire. Choose accessories or colours that reflect your personality and match your undertones.

Don'ts at an Oktoberfest Party

1. Avoid Fancy Dress Costumes:

Oktoberfest attire is about authenticity, so steer clear of cheap fancy dress costumes that lack the quality and craftsmanship of genuine Bavarian clothing. You will not find a traditional Dirndl or a pair of Lederhosen for £25 on your trusted market place or the high street party store.

2. Follow the unwritten rules of Bavarian Costumes:

Dirndl Apron - Ribbon Placement:

  • 3 girls in Bavarian Dirndl with stein of beer
    Tied on the front right: A symbol of being in a relationship or married.
  • Tied on the front left: A sign of being single and ready to mingle.
  • Tied center front: A symbol of purity, often associated with virginity.
  • Tied in the middle at the back: A marker of widowhood. Also worn by waitresses or children.

Lederhosen Styling for Men:

Bavarian man in Lederhosen with Stein

For an authentic and timeless look, avoid the allure of colourful, mismatched shirts. Say goodbye to vibrant socks and embrace the charm of classic woollen ones in shades like cream, off-white, or beige. Eschew the tacky temptations of Oktoberfest slogan shirts and beer hats for a more refined Bavarian style.

3. Refrain from Overloading Accessories:

Accessories can certainly elevate your ensemble, but moderation is key. Opt for tasteful choices that align with Bavarian tradition. Avoid overloading your attire with items like neckerchiefs, mini hats, pretzels, beer glass accessories, or faux plaits, as these depart from the classic Bavarian style.

4. Don't Forget About Comfort:

Oktoberfest Parties involve lots of drinking, eating, dancing, and celebrating. Uncomfortable shoes or clothing can spoil the fun, so prioritize comfort. In the old times, Bavarian costumes were worn by the working class for work, and their design reflects the need for practicality and ease of movement. Today, while you enjoy the festivities, you can still capture the essence of Bavarian culture without sacrificing comfort.


5. Avoid Last-Minute Rush:

Stay ahead of the game and save yourself from the last-minute rush. Plan in advance and order your Dirndl or Lederhosen to secure availability and the perfect fit. Additionally, if you receive spontaneous party invitations in London, remember that we provide convenient options like Pick-Up or Same-Day delivery through Uber, ensuring you're always prepared for Oktoberfest celebrations.

6. Don't Compromise on Quality:

Genuine Lederhosen on display

Beware of the allure of cheap imitations; they might appear like a good deal initially, but they frequently fall short in terms of quality, authenticity, and durability when compared to genuine Bavarian attire. Lederhosen, true to their name, are crafted from genuine leather, not inferior polyester alternatives. Likewise, a Dirndl should not be a mere printed piece of inexpensive fabric, nor should it be sourced from the carnival section. Choose quality and authenticity for an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience.

7. Steer Clear of Non-Traditional Colours:

Adding a personal touch to your attire is welcomed, but it's wise to adhere to traditional Bavarian colours. Neon shades or unconventional patterns might not harmonize with the Oktoberfest ambiance. One golden rule: avoid wearing colourful or patterned socks or stockings at all costs. Staying true to the authentic Bavarian style is the key to making a lasting impression at Oktoberfest.

By following these do's and don'ts, you'll be well-prepared to dress authentically and stylishly for Oktoberfest in the UK. Remember, your attire is not just clothing; it's a statement of tradition and celebration of Bavarian culture. Enjoy your Oktoberfest experience to the fullest!

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